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And Adam knew Eve his wife . . . (Genesis 4:1, KJV)

When the Bible says that a man knew his wife, it means they had sex. Although other translations refer more candidly to lovemaking, the word “know” is an accurate rendering of the original Hebrew word, yada. The Bible conveys that God designed sex to be a physical, emotional, and spiritual act between husband and wife that leads to a deep and intimate knowing of one another.

To fully know, and be fully known, is a profound experience–and it makes a marriage stronger. Sadly, sex often is a source of confusion and even tension in marriages. But even sexually healthy marriages must be nurtured regularly to grow this knowledge and connection between a husband and wife.

Hosted by J Parker from Hot, Holy & Humorous and Chris Taylor from The Forgiven Wife, our mission is to help Christian husbands who want to better understand their wife sexually so they can know and love her more deeply.

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KHS Community is where we'll provide ongoing information and insight to help you pursue deeper sexual intimacy with your wife. But you'll also get the insight and support of other husbands seeking better sex in marriage. It's a place to ask questions, get answers, and encourage one another.


Your subscription not only provides you with excellent content and support for a better marriage, it helps us put together more resources for husbands and wives to nurture godly sex. We thank you for not only your willingness to put extra effort into your own marriage but for helping other marriages to learn God's design for sex and thrive!

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